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    Fortunately, there are many options for those who prefer (or must have) a desk chair without wheels. Some of these chairs have seemingly been with us forever, like the wooden teacher’s chair with slotted back, or the metal or plastic stackable chairs found in many multi-purpose rooms and auditoriums. They may not be the most comfortable choice for people who spend eight hours a day at their desk, but they’re serviceable and inexpensive.

    Another possibility is what’s known as a “guest” or “board” chair, the type often seen opposite an executive’s desk or around a conference table. These feature either standard legs or a cantilevered metal base; they are usually comfortable, but many cantilevered chairs have arms which prevent them from sliding under a desk when not in use.

    To be used at a desk, guest-style chairs must have an upright back or a tilt/rock function. That’s important because some cantilevered chairs are designed to tilt slightly backward, leaving the user in a position from which it’s difficult to reach a desk. An adjustable desk chair without wheels, as you would expect, will normally cost more than a stationary one.

    The majority of wheel-less desk chairs are made from wood, synthetic material or plastic (inexpensive ones may be fashioned from medium-density fiberboard), often with leather or foam padding. Higher-quality, more expensive chairs are likely to have steel or aluminum supports and accents, along with steel, aluminum or wooden legs. The legs and accents are primarily chosen to match the rest of the materials used to construct the chair.

    The choice of a desk chair is usually based on function rather than form, which is why most of these chairs are black or brown and blend in well with traditional office furnishings. However, many alternatives can be found in a variety of colors, materials and upholsteries suited to a more modern office.


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